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   About Us/Our Mission & Vision 


To be the largest grassroots banking service providers that will reduce poverty of the active poor.


  • To provide effective grassroots development and make entrepreneurship ambition a reality without fear.
  • To elevate professional business status.
  • To promote and coordinate development efforts for safe, sound, strong economy and be in the forefront in the 21st century.
  • To maintain an efficient and satisfied workforce.
  • To provide adequate returns to shareholders and other stakeholders.Zero Tolerance to Loan Delinquency: In helping our clients to grow their businesses and improve their life style, we have put in place dynamic loan repayment models which will help prevent default.

Core Function

The Bank is structured along marketing, operations, finance, credit and control units. Each performs distinct functions, interfacing with each other to efficiently run the organization. It is the involvement and interaction of the people in each area, acting as change catalysts that bring about growth and our outstanding success

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